New media trumps MSM

June 25th, 2009 at 6:32 pm by under FOX10 News, Lenise Ligon - Daily Dot Com

When it came to announcing the death of pop icon Michael Jackson, was not only first, it was right.  As we waited for the Associated Press to carry word of Jackson’s fate, was the first to announce he had been rushed to the hospital, was in cardiac arrest and finally, that he had died.

During an interview with Shep Smith on Fox News Channel, a producer from talked about breaking the story.  It came down to old-fashioned journalism.  She explained the TMZ staff knew the city (Los Angeles) and heard the radio transmission about paramedics being called out.  That’s all it took to get the staff in motion.

We had been monitoring all the traditional news sources, as well as hitting the refresh key over and over again on

We started posting news alerts here on, but as it came close to newstime at 5 p.m., we still didn’t have confirmation that Jackson had died.  I chose to say there were conflicting reports about his health–that some sources were saying he was in cardiac arrest but that TMZ said he was dead.   We kept updating the story throughout the newscast as additional information came in–first from the Los Angeles Times website and then finally at 5:27 from the AP:



LOS ANGELES (AP) – A person with knowledge of the situation says Michael Jackson has died.

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By then, though, it was old news, thanks to

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