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December 11th, 2009 at 4:40 pm by under FOX10 News, Lenise Ligon - Daily Dot Com

ustreamI’ve been having fun experimenting with a new, free iPhone app called Ustream Live Broadcaster.  As you might guess by the name, it allows you to broadcast live video and audio from your iPhone 3G (which was originally promoted as taking still pix, not video) and the 3GS (which is video-capable).

It works with both a 3G and a Wifi connection (with Wifi looking better as expected).

Once you register for the free service with, you are assigned a URL which you can distribute to your friends.

A word of warning:  Once you start your “broadcast”, it is by no means private.  Your video and audio stream is immediately posted on the ustream website, which means you could start getting viewers asking you to scratch your nose (a request I chose not to grant).

I did watch live streaming video from someone driving along a highway in Japan, which was scenic.  Many of the other streams involved folks sitting in front of their computers, which was not.

We are now closer to the prediction offered by the comedy troupe, Firesign Theatre, which in the 1970s looked into the future to see “UTV, for You the Viewer”. 

We have met You, and he is Us.

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