Jones vs Hopkins – The Rivals. The Rematch. The Retirement?

April 3rd, 2010 at 4:10 pm by under FOX10 Sports, Uncategorized

Pensacola’s Roy Jones Jr is taking on Bernard Hopkins in a fight that pins two of history’s best boxers against each other. While a lot of folks wished this fight would’ve taken place 10 years ago, it should still draw plenty of attention.
Both these guys have seen their skills diminish a bit, but that being said – they could still put a whuppin on.

I watched Jones train at his farm in Cantonment a couple weeks ago, and he looked lightning quick to my untrained eyes. He said, “I’m not quite there yet, but soon.”

Jones, 41, has been asked many times when he’s going to hang up the gloves, and he insists he’ll walk away when he’s ready. While sometimes it’s tough to watch beloved athletes hang on for too long (Jordan with the Wizards what?), it’s still their choice. If they want to keep playing, if they want to keep fighting, so let them. It’s only our memories that we are selfishly holding onto. We don’t want our memories of them to be tainted in any way. But if an athletes’ happiness lies in their respective sport, who are we – the fans, the media – to tell them to stop? Just a thought.

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  1. Dollie Loren says:

    Cool, do you think i could use some parts of your article for a work of mine?

  2. Dr.Pepper says:

    Yea you maybe right,but i would’t talk to much, you will be EIGHTY somthing still taking notes and broke trying to get another headline…(Qout me) Im just saying these are two of the greatest fixing to bump heads,(who will when?..)

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