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A Dark Day in Aurora, CO

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To all my Web Blog readers out there, this is Marcus Jackson -  The WALA / WFNA Resident Movie Guru.  This past weekend was supposed to be one of the greatest weekend in Movie & Box Office History with the Midnight showings of The Dark Knight Rises on regular & IMAX movie theater screens across the country.  I myself went to the IMAX Midnight showing over in Pensacola, FL that BAT-TASTIC NIGHT.  I had to be in to work later that morning to direct the Morning Newscast.  The movie ended at a little after 3am (the movie started late for us because of all the people there to see it) and I finally got to work at 4:30am.  Then it happened … I saw the Top Story …. It was Colorado Movie Theater Shootings in Aurora, CO.

We in turn did our job in getting the info to you on FOX 10 News for the newscast that morning as well for fox10tv.com.  As the 3 hour Newscasts went along …. more and more info came out as we try to get it out to you on air and online.  By the time we got to 8am our time here in Mobile, AL and was about to get ready for Studio 10 …. I knew as we all came to realize …. this weekend for us Movie Fans – Batman &/or otherewise – would be marred and overshadowed by a “National Tragedy”. 

My next few statements are my personal opinions.  Please do not contact or send complaints to WALA, WFNA, www.fox10tv.com , or www.wfnatv.com .  I just want to give you my thoughts on what we should do in this time of shock and awe that has befallen us.

I have been many people saying that “I’m not going to the theaters to see ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ ” or “I’ll wait for the DVD or Blu-Ray to come out”  or “You better wear a bulletproof vest before you leave to go to the movies”.   That last one is one people say to joke around … in order to make light of the fact that something terrible has happened and that’s how some people deal with it.  I just want to stress to you that you don’t have to be afraid of going to your favorite Movie Theater(s) and go see a movie … on the big screen.  And go with you friends …. go with your family.  Get together and make some GOOD memories that will last a lifetime and overshadow what has happened in Aurora, CO.

We have to move on with our lives after all of this has gone through it’s process of events …. the suspect, James Holmes, in court now at the time I’m writing this blog to you.  Stay here on this website, www.fox10tv.com , and get the latest on this Continuing & Developing Story that is going to be a top news story for a little while.   The Hollywood community have responded in kind to what has been happening and you can read all those story in our Entertainment and Movies sections of our website here.  And let’s not forget the many people injured and at current count 12 people killed senselessly over the weekend.  Send out your prayers; Fly your flags at Half-Staff; Show that you care.

Just Go Out & Have A Good Time Once Again.  Don’t let this one event stop you from yourselves at the movies or any other ventures that take you to places outside your own backyard.  If you are concern you can always contact your local movie theater(s) and see what they are doing in order to make sure that you are safe and secure there while you enjoy the Wonders of The Cinema.  Also, Remember what President John F. Kennedy said many many years ago ….. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself …” Don’t let this tragic event in Aurora, CO stop you from living your life and hinder you from go to the movies.  If you do …. Then The Fear Wins and you give that tragedy more fuel to burn a deeper hole in our nation’s psyche – and we already have a enough to deal with – being a Presidential Election this year and all.

Ok, enough of the “soapbox rants”.  Go out there and continue to have fun this Summer Blockbuster Movie Season.  I’ll give you my thoughts on  The Dark Knight Rises  in my next blog entry in a couple of days after we get the final Box Office totals.  Hollywood studios decided to wait until this Monday (7/23/12) to release the totals out of respect for the victims and their families.  I can tell you this …. It did make Movie History …. despite the events that happened in Aurora, CO.

I’ll be back in the movie theaters ….. Hope to see you there too.  I’ll save you some popcorn at the Concession Stands …. but you’ll have to buy your own.



Time To “Rise” – The Dark Knight vs. Spider-Man & Ice Age

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To all my fellow movie fans out there …. What A Wild Ride The Month of July Has Been.  As expected, The Amazing Spider-Man just took over the box office the week of the 4th of July.  Already earning over $200 million domestically this new adaptation of how the Web Slinger came to be has been a fascinating, fun-filled ride.  Now we all have been comparing this movie with the first of the Sam Raimi’s trilogy, Spider-Man starring Tobey Maguire.  Here what’s I think you should do.  Treat both of these movies as if they were the same characters but from different Comic Book Series.  Marvel Comics has had many different adaptations of the good ole Spidey since his debut in 1962.   Check out this link to Wikipedia to give you a better idea ….. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spider-Man . In the different comics the origins are similiar but there are some critical differences; the main one being the leading lady in this film is Gwen Stacy and not Mary Jane Watson,whom hardcore Spidey fans like myself know that Gwen was Peter Parker’s 1st “Main Squeeze”.  If you can I recommend you see it in 3D.  Everyone who has seen it in 3D are “Amazed” by how the CGI effects of you seeing Spider_man web sling throughout New York.  And the cast is Phenomenal – Andrew Garfield did a great job as the troubled teen trying to find answers to what happened to his parents that leads him to become one of the best superheroes out there.

Spider-Man was HOT but it took something Cold as “Ice” to knock the superhero out of the No. 1 spot this weekend.  Ice Age: Continental Drift is the latest in the genre of Animated Film to take over the box office top spot.  We join Manny, Diego, Sid, and Scrat as they brave the high seas & battle a ragtag group of pirates determined to stop them from getting home.  In Addition – You also get the see a Simpson Movie Short Starring Maggie Simpson - since the movie is produced by 20th Century Fox – the owners of our Network Affliation here at WALA FOX 10.   This film also has a bangin’ All-Star Cast.  Animated films always get the best stars to come in and lend their voice talents to make the magic happen.

One particular actor has the Great Fortune of being in BOTH of these film.  Dennis Leary plays Capt. George Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man & he’s the voice of Diego, the sabertooth tiger in Ice Age: Continental Drift.  This is why I’m making him My Celebrity Box Office Money Maker of The Week.  If you want more proof for my decision check out this link  below to Studio 10 where My Good Buddy & Fellow Movie Buff, Host Joe Emer had the pleasure of an interview with Dennis Leary most recently …..

href=”http://www.fox10tv.com/dpp/more_studio10/celebrities/denis-leary-talks-ice-age?ref=scroller&categoryId=10032&status=true”>Denis Leary Talks Ice Age: fox10tv.com</a></p>

That’s all well and good ….. BUT ….. The Time Has Come …..On July 20th and exactly Midnight (with the sneak preview trailers) The Dark Knight Rises will hit movie theaters all across the country.  This is gonna be HUGE.  Especially Seeing This Epic Conclusion To The Trilogy In IMAX.  The nearest IMAX Theater is our area is in Pensacola …. And Yes – Myself and some of my Fox 10 colleagues are going to be there to be part of Movie History.  This is a going to be I predict …. as well as many other critics ….. The Movie Of The Year!  And also we’ll get to see the trailer for DC Comics next big project next year – Man Of Steel – The Superman Reboot.

Check out this link to the latest movie trailer to get your mouth watering …. courtesy of Yahoo! Movies …..

<div><iframe frameborder=”0″ width=”576″ height=”324″ src=”http://d.yimg.com/nl/movies/site/player.html#browseCarouselUI=hide&repeat=0&shareUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fmovies.yahoo.com%2Fmovie%2Fthe-dark-knight-rises%2Ftrailers%2Fthe-dark-knight-rises-theatrical-trailer-2-29147407.html&vid=29147407&startScreenCarouselUI=hide”></iframe></div>


I don’t know about you but I Am Ready For July 19th / 20th at 12:00 Midinight – 12:01 AM To Get Here!  I got my Batman T-shirt ready to wear.  Join me out there in Pensacola for the big big show and let’s enjoy the conclusion of the Christopher Nolan Trilogy In Style.

I’m Marcus Jackson, The WALA / WFNA Resident Movie Guru.  If you’re excited about the Summer Blockbuster Movie Season by now ….. Grab hold of your Bat-ropes beacause this week The Dark Knight Rises is gonna Swing Into Action!  I hope to see you there and here on the web ….. Same Bat Time!  Same Bat Website! (they used to “Same Bat Channel” – but this is a web blog).






Looks at London

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If you’d like a look at London, here’s a street-level view captured a week ago:

And if you like air shows, here’s a look at some of the action from Farnborough on the first day of the trade show, which was not open to the public.  You’ll see lots of planes and a sea of suits.

3 in 1: Covering international news on a budget

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I traveled to London with a reporter, photographer, and an editor to cover the 2012 Farnborough International Air Show.

In other words, I went by myself.

My iPhone 4 and iPad 2 loaded with iMovie flew with me from Mobile, Alabama to London following the announcement that Airbus would build a $600 million dollar aircraft assembly plant in Mobile. Suddenly, the Air Show outside London had become a local story. Thanks to the extraordinary assistance of contacts within the business community, I was able to secure the invitations needed to attend receptions which gave me access to the most powerful figures in the aviation industry.

Not too many years ago, the equipment needed to produce TV stories was so large and so heavy, it would have taken at least two of us, as it did when I produced a documentary from Rome in 1988. At that time, getting video back to the U.S. would have involved either a satellite feed or a trip to the airport to ship tape back home. Either way, it would have been very expensive.

For this event, sending video back home involved dropping a file in Dropbox. Cost? Zero. Skype was also a possibility for live shots, but the video wasn’t close to broadcast quality.

I had ordered a small, flexible tripod designed for use with iPhones but it failed to arrive in time. That meant anything I shot was going to be handheld. Not the best choice, but the only option.

To supplement the video, and provide visuals where iPhone video was impractical, I brought along my 8 megapixel still camera with a 10x optical lens. It gave me a chance to zoom into subjects which my fixed focal length iPhone couldn’t see. Thanks to iMovie and its “Ken Burns effect”, I was able to add the slightest bit of movement to still images, to fill in the gaps where I had good copy but poor or non-existent video.

For recording natural sound, the iPhone was fine. Recording interviews required me to get as close as I could to my subject to make sure he or she could be heard. It wasn’t always easy to deal with wind and traffic, but the results were usable. Because of the proximity to my subjects and the need to make sure they were in frame, it was hard to avoid the “deer in the headlights” look, but I gave it my best shot.

My hotel room was my audio booth, and the internal microphone on the iPad worked well. Editing with iMovie was easy and as with most Apple products, intuitive. Once the story was saved at the highest resolution possible and sent to Dropbox, it was available halfway around the world instantly. Can’t beat the speed or the price.

If I only had longer arms, I could have framed my stand ups a little better.  I blame my photographer for that.


Royal welcome

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Mobile rolled out the royal carpet Tuesday night at Spencer House, the ancestral home of the late, Princess Diana’s family.

The private palace is adjacent to Green Park and around the corner from the Ritz Hotel, if that gives you an idea about the neighborhood.

City, county and business leaders sponsored a posh reception at Spencer House to provide an elegant meet and greet that included Airbus COO Fabrice Bregier, EADS chairman Tom Enders as well as officials from ST Aerospace, who met privately with Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley.

Rep. Jo Bonner addressed the gathering with the first half of President John F. Kennedy’s quote, “Success has many fathers…” (the rest of the quote, “…but failure is an orphan”, didn’t apply here) praising the many people in the room who worked together to bring the $600 million dollar Airbus deal to Mobile.


London notes

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It has been a great time here in London and Farnborough, with plenty of walking and something else you might not imagine here. Clean air.

My wife and I first came to London for our honeymoon just a few years ago :) , and back then, the first thing that struck you was the overwhelming presence of diesel exhaust. It smelled like you were enveloped in a grey cloud that stuck to your skin and clothes. It was, in a word, nasty.

But no more. I went for a walk near my hotel last night and couldn’t get over the fact that the air had no smell at all. There’s been an ongoing campaign for clean energy here, and it’s working. Many of the red, double-decker bus are in fact, green. Some of buses feature hybrid electric engines and no longer leave behind a blast of thick black smoke when they start moving.

Getting ready for a reception tonight at Spencer House, near Buckingham Palace, then it’s back home.

Notes from London – Reception at Whitehall

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The Sunday reception at Whitehall was a great place to network in a relaxed setting.

I can’t imagine another occasion where I could have had a one-on-one conversation with Florida Governor Rick Scott for 10 minutes (I found out his wife comes from Mobile).

I sat and talked with former Alabama Governor Bob Riley (who said he feels fine after his motorcycle wreck in Alaska).

Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward thought it was important to make the trip to London–spent a good deal of time speaking with him. Also talked with Mobile Mayor Sam Jones and County Commissioners Connie Hudson of Mobile and Tucker Dorsey of Baldwin.

I also discovered that Congressman Jo Bonner is a pretty fine photographer. :)

On a crowded train to Farnborough now, ready for the first day of the International Air Show.

Airbus celebration in Mobile!

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Madea, Mike, and Ted – Movie Battle of The Sexes

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June 29th, 2012 will go down in Movie History as the day Men and Women were at war on what to go see in the movie theater.  We already have to contend with what movie to take the kids to see with Disney Pixar Brave and Madagascar 3.  Now we have 3 different “varieties” of movie flavors that have been cooking up in the kitchen of the movie box office.  It’s time to dish out the menu of what being offered this weekend at the Adult Table at a theater near you.

First up we have a delicious helping of “Beefcake” that getting all the rage right now for all the ladies out there.  Magic Mike, the of a young man trying live out the American dream by day while at night he’s involved the world of male stripper night club scene.  This movie is loosely based on actor Channing Tatum, one of the stars of the film, time as a male stripper while he was persuing his dreams of becoming an actor.  So he must have a lot of tips to his co-stars Alex Pettyfer, Matthew Bomer, True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello, and Matthew McConaughey.  I just been hearing all ladies waiting for opening night when this film comes out.  This will be a weekend of “Ladies Night” at the movies.  It might be a good be a good idea all you boyfriends and husbands to make that a “Date Night” and take your ladies to see this.

But for the guys who are confident that their ladies won’t leave them after seeing Magic Mike this might be the right time for a “Dudes Night Out” and here’s the perfect movie for you.  Straight from the mind of FOX’s Family Guy creator Seth McFarland we have the comedy Ted.  Guys, have you ever wondered what your life would be like if your childhood teddy bear came to life  and grew up you as your best friend?  That’s what happen to Mark Wahlberg as the star and main character of this strange and funny film that co-star Mila Kunis and Seth McFarland as the voice of “Ted E. Bear” – the teddy bear come to life.  The Problem:  he’s a foul mouthed party animal that causes Mark’s nothing but trouble and he has to find a way to deal with it before his life is ruined.  Seth McFarland is known for his off black view of comedy and the voice of “Peter & Stewie Griffin” of Family Guy fame may have a winner here with the guys (and girls) who will go to see this film.  But beware; if you’re in a room with Ted E. Bear don’t call him “Teddy Ruxpin”

But you are in the mood for a “lighter” comedy … you won’t get it here but you will get “the Funny”.  From the mind of Tyler Perry he’s at it again.  The latest adventures of Madea is out in theaters now.  This one is entitled Madea’s Witness Protection.  Loyal fans of the Madea movies know that Madea is always trying to help somebody out … albeit not by her choice most of the time.  This time Madea is “recruited” by the feds to hide out a family so that the mob won’t “whack” them.  This movie also stars Remeo, Tom Arnold, Denise Richards, Doris Roberts, John Amos, Marla Gibbs, and Eugene Levy.  So if you a good laughfest check it out.

Now that I’m posting on Sunday, the results should be coming in real soon on who the big winner is on the last weekend in June.  So that can only mean one thing …. JULY IS HERE!  The year is halfway done and the Summer Blockbuster Movie season is at the halfway mark.  One of the Most Important Weekend … the 4th of July weekend … will kick off Tuesday July 3rd at Midnight when The Amazing Spider-Man opens in theaters.

Get Ready Movie Fans!  Now The Fun REALLY Begins!  Time to be “True Believers” once again.  I wonder where Stan Lee will make his cameo appearance in this one.  See You At The Movies & Have A Safe Independence Day!