A Dark Day in Aurora, CO

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To all my Web Blog readers out there, this is Marcus Jackson -  The WALA / WFNA Resident Movie Guru.  This past weekend was supposed to be one of the greatest weekend in Movie & Box Office History with the Midnight showings of The Dark Knight Rises on regular & IMAX movie theater screens across the country.  I myself went to the IMAX Midnight showing over in Pensacola, FL that BAT-TASTIC NIGHT.  I had to be in to work later that morning to direct the Morning Newscast.  The movie ended at a little after 3am (the movie started late for us because of all the people there to see it) and I finally got to work at 4:30am.  Then it happened … I saw the Top Story …. It was Colorado Movie Theater Shootings in Aurora, CO.

We in turn did our job in getting the info to you on FOX 10 News for the newscast that morning as well for fox10tv.com.  As the 3 hour Newscasts went along …. more and more info came out as we try to get it out to you on air and online.  By the time we got to 8am our time here in Mobile, AL and was about to get ready for Studio 10 …. I knew as we all came to realize …. this weekend for us Movie Fans – Batman &/or otherewise – would be marred and overshadowed by a “National Tragedy”. 

My next few statements are my personal opinions.  Please do not contact or send complaints to WALA, WFNA, www.fox10tv.com , or www.wfnatv.com .  I just want to give you my thoughts on what we should do in this time of shock and awe that has befallen us.

I have been many people saying that “I’m not going to the theaters to see ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ ” or “I’ll wait for the DVD or Blu-Ray to come out”  or “You better wear a bulletproof vest before you leave to go to the movies”.   That last one is one people say to joke around … in order to make light of the fact that something terrible has happened and that’s how some people deal with it.  I just want to stress to you that you don’t have to be afraid of going to your favorite Movie Theater(s) and go see a movie … on the big screen.  And go with you friends …. go with your family.  Get together and make some GOOD memories that will last a lifetime and overshadow what has happened in Aurora, CO.

We have to move on with our lives after all of this has gone through it’s process of events …. the suspect, James Holmes, in court now at the time I’m writing this blog to you.  Stay here on this website, www.fox10tv.com , and get the latest on this Continuing & Developing Story that is going to be a top news story for a little while.   The Hollywood community have responded in kind to what has been happening and you can read all those story in our Entertainment and Movies sections of our website here.  And let’s not forget the many people injured and at current count 12 people killed senselessly over the weekend.  Send out your prayers; Fly your flags at Half-Staff; Show that you care.

Just Go Out & Have A Good Time Once Again.  Don’t let this one event stop you from yourselves at the movies or any other ventures that take you to places outside your own backyard.  If you are concern you can always contact your local movie theater(s) and see what they are doing in order to make sure that you are safe and secure there while you enjoy the Wonders of The Cinema.  Also, Remember what President John F. Kennedy said many many years ago ….. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself …” Don’t let this tragic event in Aurora, CO stop you from living your life and hinder you from go to the movies.  If you do …. Then The Fear Wins and you give that tragedy more fuel to burn a deeper hole in our nation’s psyche – and we already have a enough to deal with – being a Presidential Election this year and all.

Ok, enough of the “soapbox rants”.  Go out there and continue to have fun this Summer Blockbuster Movie Season.  I’ll give you my thoughts on  The Dark Knight Rises  in my next blog entry in a couple of days after we get the final Box Office totals.  Hollywood studios decided to wait until this Monday (7/23/12) to release the totals out of respect for the victims and their families.  I can tell you this …. It did make Movie History …. despite the events that happened in Aurora, CO.

I’ll be back in the movie theaters ….. Hope to see you there too.  I’ll save you some popcorn at the Concession Stands …. but you’ll have to buy your own.



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