Matt’s Isaac Update

August 26th, 2012 at 4:40 pm by under FOX10 News, FOX10 Stormtracker Weather

NHC Forecast

Isaac Models

We now under a HURRICANE WARNING from Destin to New Orleans as Isaac tracks past the Florida Keys. Most models have a landfall on the northern Gulf Coast late Tuesday night, with tropical storm conditions possible during the day on Tuesday out ahead of the system. As far as the track is concerned, it’s an either/or scenario. Two reliable European models continue to forecast the storm will be picked up by a trough over the SE and pull the storm into South Alabama. All of the other reliable models have the trough missing Isaac and the storm continuing it’s northwestward path towards SE LA. If you look at the NHC official track it’s a compromise between those two scenarios witha landfall in Mississippi. At this point, it’s too early to tell which one of these scenarios might be right so we need be getting ready!

The intensity forecast is always more problamatic, but most models continue to trend towards a Category 1 (75-95 mph) or a Category 2 (96-110 mph). A lot of that depends on the exact track of the storm over the Gulf.

The weather will stay nice through Monday night giving us a window of time to prepare.

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