Tragedy on campus

October 11th, 2012 at 4:06 pm by under FOX10 News, Uncategorized

I just watched a young man die.

A number of reporters and photographers gathered at the Mobile County Sheriff’s office to watch the silent, surveillance video of the last few moments of Gil Collar’s life, the USA student who was shot and killed by a campus police officer.

According to the time code on the video we saw, at 1:23:15, Collar, who was naked, walked up to the front door of the USA Campus Police station.  He pulled on the locked door and then walked out of frame.

At 1:23:38 he is back in frame, pounding at least 6 times on the window on the front of the police station.

At 1:24:01, an officer comes out of the door of the police station, weapon drawn, looking left and right and seeing Collar in front of him.

Collar started chasing after the officer, forcing him to run backward.  Collar drops onto his knees at one point, and quickly moves toward the officer, apparently taunting him.

They run around the front of the police station to a grassy area and that’s where you can see Collar drop to his knees.  Sheriff Sam Cochran, who was narrating some of the video explained that was the point where Collar was hit by one shot.  I did not see any flash accompanying the shot.

A dispatcher who was inside the police station rushes out, sees what it happening and runs back inside.

A second officer arrives.  Collar gets up and starts running again.  He then runs away from the officers, falls to his knees again, tries to get up, then collapses at 1:25:05 on the tape.

A third officer arrives after Collar is down.

You can watch my report by clicking here.


3 Responses to “Tragedy on campus”

  1. Deborah Fuller says:

    He could have shot that kid in the knee to take him down. Of he could have hit him with his baton as this kid was naked and unarmed. He should have not been killed, he was just a kid on a bad trip. I do not condone drug use but this was just a trigger happy unskilled cop.

  2. janeen says:

    What has our country come to that someone who causes a police officers to feel the need to kill is not backed by the very community that he protects? Although I feel as this kid most likely had a promising future, he made a choice and the choice he made caused him his life. End of story….

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