Gene Chizik; “déjà vu” on the plains

October 14th, 2012 at 7:39 pm by under FOX10 Sports, Jess Sports

 Now more than ever, the controversial image of the angry Auburn fan booing Athletic Director Jay Jacobs and screaming out, “We want a leader not a loser; 5-19 is not what we need. No Chizik. No,” is playing out over and over in the minds of the Auburn faithful. Fans and critics alike are dismayed at the exceptionally poor performance of the Auburn football program this season.

The Tigers are now 1-5 on the season after a heart breaking loss to long-time SEC underachiever Ole Miss, who broke their own 16-game SEC deficit with the win.

Just two years ago, Auburn won their first National Championship in over 53 years. That year was masked by the rare athleticism of a guy named Cam Newton, the consistency of effective role players and the fast paced offensive genius of Gus Malzahn. Excellent teamwork and resilient team chemistry allowed the Tigers to overcome a stifling secondary and go on to win the 2010 BCS National Championship.

Today the fairy tale is long over and Auburn has a losing record, even worse the Tigers are now at the bottom of the SEC brotherhood. Continued success has been a rarity since clinching the crystal ball, and Gene Chizik has lost the support of his fan base, as many are calling for his job. Chizik is now 9-9 (.500) since that perfect season, and 22-33 if you date back to his less than perfect days as the head coach of Iowa State.

Gene Chizik was 5-19 in two seasons at Iowa State, which outraged the Auburn community and caused doubt in the coach’s ability to compete in arguably the deepest conference in college football.

Chizik’s tenure at Iowa State is clouded not only by a losing record of 5-19, but a replacement that has succeeded the embattled coach, with upsets against then-No. 2 Oklahoma State, No. 22 Texas, and No. 19 Texas Tech. The Iowa State Cyclones are currently 5-1 on the season. These stats only add fire to the controversy surrounding the Gene Chizik era in Auburn.

Right now the only hope for Gene Chizik and his coaching staff’s future is to preserve what they can from this season – namely the teams unity, morale and respect for each other. Only then could they possibly save Chizik’s job and salvage what’s left of an embarrassing season. Where is the curator Jay Jacobs in all of this?

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