Halloween Week – Scary vs. Politics – What Movie To Go See ….

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Hey Fellow Movie Fans!  It’s Halloween Week and I just know that many of us are going to dress up or have dressed up in their costumes to go to parties and go Trick-or-Treating this coming Wednesday.  I was at an 80s Music costume party for one of my sisters on Saturday night …. we watched the Alabama football game (ROLL TIDE!) then we continued to party the night away.  I gave my sister (Donna) an Extra Special treat for her birthday … as a Big Brother should …. and I have another sister (Joy) whose birthday is coming up this Saturday so it will be time for Another Special treat for her after Halloween from her Big Brother …. Just have to share the love.

Now a lot of you went to the movies this past weekend and you would think that a “scary” movie would top the Box Office sales;  but we have to remember that this is an election year …. and with all of our minds trying to see if Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be our next President a “political” film took the top spot and it is getting a lot of buzz …. Can you say “Oscar Nominations”?

ARGO took the number 1 spot.  This film starring and directed by Ben Afleck is based upon actual events that led to the real-life rescue of six U.S. embassy workers during the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, made nearly $12.4 million this weekend, according to Sunday studio estimates.  The scary movies that are out that you though might be on top fell somewhat short.  the Number 2 movie is more family friendly scary …. the animated flick, Hotel Transylvania, brought in the family audience market for a spooky good time.  The star studded film Cloud Atlas opened up in third place and in 4th and 5th places we had a couple more scary motion picture outing to make the grade ….. Paranormal Activity 4  &  Silent Hill: Revelation 3-D.  Silent Hill, by the way, was tied for 5th place with action thiller Taken 2.

Well, what does that mean for the “Scary Movie” or Horror genre?  For one thing, LIFE is Scary right now!  We are always reporting about all the crime and scandal … The Presidential Election …. that it’s hard to get someone to the movies for a good fright.  It also doesn’t help that for the most part if you wait a few months you can see these film at home with ON DEMAND from your Cable or Satillite service provider or on Netflix through your PC or Mac or XBOX 360 (me) or PS3 or on iTunes.  It’s just the timing and this year with the election and people worrying about if they will have a job after this is all over on November 6th (Go Vote!) I think that most people really didn’t want to go out and spend a little money on getting scared in a movie theater when they are frighten enough as it is with who will be the next POTUS (President of the United States) – Politics; Gotta Love It

Well, That The View Domestically Here In The States – the rest of the world …. well, that’s more political than movie wise so back to business…..

After you have done all of your Trick-or-Treating and got your fill of chocolate and candy bars and other goodies …. it will be ….. NOVEMBER!  And BOY OH BOY …. there are gonna be some GOOD movies to come out just in time for the 2012 Holiday Movie Season.  Here is one movie I highly recommend to check out …. if you have kids and/or a big video game fan like me you know where I’m getting at.   This weekend go see Wreck-It Ralph.  It’s Animated!  All-Star Voice Cast!  And … It’s Disney!  ‘Nuff Said

CHECK OUT THIS LINK TO THE TRAILER OF THIS SOON TO BE CLASSIC DISNEY PIC courtesy of Yahoo! Movies ….. <div><iframe frameborder=”0″ width=”576″ height=”324″ src=”http://d.yimg.com/nl/movies/site/player.html#vid=30520182&repeat=0&browseCarouselUI=hide&startScreenCarouselUI=hide&shareUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fmovies.yahoo.com%2Fmovie%2Fwreckit-ralph%2Ftrailers%2Fwreck-it-ralph-theatrical-trailer-30520182.html”></iframe></div>

Also in November get ready for Lincoln, Life of Pi, Hitchcock, Rise of the Guardians ….. And i can not forget these two Big franchise movie sagas …. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2  &  Skyfall – Yes!   James Bond is Back!

Come back online for my next blog entry when I CELEBRATE 50 Years of “Bond, James Bond“  –  ”Agent 007″ himself over the years on film …. and there is a chance that you can go see SKYFALL for FREE Next Week.  Log Back In To Find!

This is Marcus Jackson, the FOX 10 / CW 55 Resident Movie Guru!  Go out this Wednesday and have a Safe & Happy Halloween!  And if you get the chance go out and catch a movie with friends and family …. I know I will next month …. see you there.




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