November, 2012

Fun with voting, part 2

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Back on Election Day, I told you about the problem I had when I went to vote..

I’m just glad I didn’t need my voter registration card, which arrived in the mail on Friday, November 16.

Now, I can’t blame the Postal Service for late delivery, because the postage wasn’t printed on the card until November 15.  Take a look for yourself…

Celebrate Hope 2012

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The weather was crisp and clear for “Celebrate Hope”, an annual, elegant fundraiser for the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute.  There was plenty of food for those who came out for the evening, and plenty of live music to go along with it.

The event grossed in the neighborhood of $450,000, which will be used to improve the health of those along the Gulf Coast.

Here’s a link to the story on the 9pm news…

Earthquake in Mobile Bay

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Mobile Bay Earthquake

Mobile Bay Earthquake

Did you feel it? There was a weak earthquake in southern Mobile Bay Friday night around 10:30. It had a magnitude of 2.7, which is just barely strong enough for some folks to feel. It didn’t do any damage (it takes about a magnitude 5 to cause minor damage) and many folks in southern Mobile and Baldwin counties probably didn’t even notice it. It’s interesting though because we rarely get earthquakes of any magnitude around here, although around the world earthquakes of this magnitude happen one million times a year!

In February of 2011 there was a magnitude 3.5 earthquake just a few miles from this most recent one.

Cloudy forecast for higher education?

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I was talking to a college administrator this week and asked him to look into his crystal ball to predict the future of American higher education, post-election.

It became a lesson on the ”lesser of two evils”.

The Republicans, he told me, tend to favor “for profit” institutions, which most liberal arts schools are not.

The Democrats, he said, would like to see an expansion of the two-year community college system, which would impact the enrollment (and cash flow) of four-year traditional institutions.

With research showing that 1 in 5 households faces student loan debt, can graduates of 4 year schools pay off their ever growing debt while earning entry-level salaries–providing they can find work at all?

“You say I already voted?”

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I got a shock when I handed over my driver’s license to election officials this morning, only to find out I had already voted.

Except I hadn’t.

My wife did vote by absentee ballot and someone working for the court wrote the information for my wife, next to my name.

That’s when was sent to the corner to enter the World of the Provisional Ballot.

I had to give information dating back to where I was born (I was tempted to write “next to my mother”, but didn’t), when I was born, etc., then seal that in an envelope, and seal that envelope in another envelope before inserting my now, double-sealed ballot in a yellow cardboard box with a slit in the side.

But at least I did get a lot of personal attention and an “I Voted!” sticker.


BOND IS BACK! 50 Years Strong! SKYFALL

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Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig.  For 50 years these 6 actors have brought to life the most charismatic, action driven, shaken not stirred martini drinking secret agent man in Movie Franchise History.  The character created by Ian Fleming – MI6 Secret Agent 007BOND, JAMES BOND!  Can you believe that it been 50 years since the very first 007 movie hit the movie screens in September of 1962 with the adaptation of the Fleming novel “Dr. NO”.  Well, 22 films later the Double-0 “Licence To Kill” Man of Action is STILL going strong with the latest 23rd film in the series to come out this Friday ….. SKYFALL.

Let’s face it; the majority of us grew up with this iconic character through the years.  Guys wanted to be James Bond and girls … they just wanted James Bond … what lovely lady didn’t dream of being a “Bond Girl”?  We’ve all had our “Favorite Bond” ….. Most likely you’re gonna say it’s Sean Connery because he was the first one.  Now Mr. Scotsman – yes, he’s Scottish – went on to be even more famous after he stop being 007 ( well, they brought him back for Diamonds Are Forever and there was that one non-franchise Bond film – Never Say Never Again).  He won the Oscar for his role in The Untouchables, been “knighted” by Queen Elizabeth II, and he became Indiana Jones’ dad in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.  Now here is some Bond trivia knowledge for you – even though Connery was the first to play BOND on the Big Screen he WAS NOT the first actor to bring the character to life.  That honor goes to actor Barry Nelson when he portrayed the character of “James Bond”or “Jim Bond” in a CBS TV Special in 1954in an adaptation of Ian Fleming’s 1st 007 Novel – “Casino Royale” .  You can go to You Tube and search for “Casino Royale 1954″ and see the whole 50 minute TV special for free right now …. after you finish reading my blog that is.

After Sean Connery there was George Lazenby – now he’s been dubbed a “Bond – One Hit Wonder” because he only did one film – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, but he does become the only Bond to get “married”.  Diana Rigg, (Yes! Ms. Emma Peel from TV’s The Avengers) had the honor of being the Bond Girl to get to called “Mrs. James Bond” – only to be killed towards the end of the movie – making Bond a widower.

Connery would come back to the role of 007 one more time – Diamonds Are Forever – then the 1970s came around and a new Bond was found … and he was a “Saint“.   Roger Moore was most famous for being “Simon Templar” from the hit TV series The Saint.  His first James Bond film was Live And Let Die in 1973 and he would be Bond for 7 films; his last film was A View To A Kill in 1985.  Next up …. Pierce Brosnan gets the role of 007 … BUT WAIT  ….. He’s TV Remington Steele and NBC won’t let him out of his contract to play the secret agent ….. so another search …. enter … Timothy Dalton.  Dalton takes over as Bond in 1987 in The Living Daylights.  He would do one more Bond film – Licence To Kill in 1989 (well, he beat out Lazenby with one extra outing as Bond).  AND FINALLY …. Pierce Brosnan Is BOND …. JAMES BOND!  After Remington Steele was off the air he was able to take the mantle of the famous Secret Agent 007 – “licenced to kill” – and boy did he ever  with GoldenEye in 1995.  It Was A Smash Hit Film – and it also produced one of the all time Best Video Game Shooter – 007 GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64.   Brosnan would go on to  do 3 more Bond films; Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, and Die Another Day.  And Then … Bond would go into hiatus …. but … “James Bond Will Return” (always seen at the end credits) 4 years later.  2006 …. Enter Daniel Craig.  We “Go Back To Basics ” with this James Bond … Retooling …. Rebooting the Franchise …. We go back to the beginning with the adaptation of the very first 007 Novel, Casino Royale.  No TV Special – BIG SCREEN ALL THE WAY – BOND IS BACK!

In 2008 Craig would come back as James Bond in Quantum of Solace – which some were saying  iit was  a continuation to Casino Royale.   It got mixed reviews and  the Bond franchise would go on hiatus again for another 4 years.

Now, on the 50th Anniversary of the longest running Movie Franchise in the history of the cinema …. BOND IS BACK …. AT HIS BEST!  This time Bond latest movie mission is entitled  SKYFALL.   This latest 007 flick has been many rave reviews from critics and fans alike and I got to tell you that on Friday, November 9th …. The Music, The Action, The Gadgets, The Villian(s), The Bond Girls (2 this go round), A New “younger” “Q”, “M”- played by Dame Judi Dench – will be key factor to the plot this time in the film, and of ….. BOND, JAMES BOND!

Highlight and Right Click On This Link To See The Trailer  ……


Now …. do you want to go on a mission to see SKYFALL before Friday, November 9th – FOR FREE?  Well, here’s what you do.  This Wednesday, November 7th from 12 Noon to 2pm,  our very own “Bond Girl” – Dani Dials, The Face of CW55 , will be at Furniture Fair located at 300 Azalea Road here in Mobile (Next To Party City).  She will be giving out FREE Movies Passes to go see SKYFALL this Wednesday Night, November 7th, at The Hollywood Stadium/Mobile 18 Theaters located at 1250 Satchel Paige Drive at 7:30pm   And remember secret agents, once you get these passes make sure you GET THERE EARLY!  One of our fellow radio station friends are giving out passes too so there’s going to be a crowd in line.

I can’t for the “Sky to Fall” when SKYFALL hits theaters this Friday …. but come and join me this Wednesday for the FREE screening at Hollywood Stadium/Mobile 18 Theaters.

I’m Marcus Jackson … and the name is Guru … Movie Guru (add “James Bond” Theme Music here).  Anybody seen the keys to my Aston-Martin ….