“You say I already voted?”

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I got a shock when I handed over my driver’s license to election officials this morning, only to find out I had already voted.

Except I hadn’t.

My wife did vote by absentee ballot and someone working for the court wrote the information for my wife, next to my name.

That’s when was sent to the corner to enter the World of the Provisional Ballot.

I had to¬†give information dating back to where I was born (I was tempted to write “next to my mother”, but didn’t), when I was born, etc., then seal that in an envelope, and seal that envelope in another envelope before inserting my now, double-sealed ballot in a yellow cardboard box with a slit in the side.

But at least I did get a lot of personal attention and an “I Voted!” sticker.


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  1. Liz says:

    Man. They are already trying to rig the election! Called yesterday to see where i needed to go to vote for my district beacuse my registration card never arrived. The woman i spoke with “didn’t get her name” told me that i was not going to be allowed to vote because of something i supposedly signed in 2001. I asked if there was anything i could do because it is my right to vote! The woman gave me
    the address 1717 dauphin st and told me i could vote with a paper claim. I was told that there was no phone number to call to get directions to the 1717 address and i just needed to show up! I have to be at work in the morning and was worried i would not have enough time to vote and get to work on time so i called back to see if there was anything else i could do. I explained to the new lady on the phone what i was told and asked if there were any other options. Apparently I was lied to because she looked me up and i was registered in my district! Anyone new to voting in Mobile, Al who did not receive their card and was told to go to 1717 dauphin st. PLEASE double check where you are supposed to go! Sound strange to you???

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