Cloudy forecast for higher education?

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I was talking to a college administrator this week and asked him to look into his crystal ball to predict the future of American higher education, post-election.

It became a lesson on the ”lesser of two evils”.

The Republicans, he told me, tend to favor “for profit” institutions, which most liberal arts schools are not.

The Democrats, he said, would like to see an expansion of the two-year community college system, which would impact the enrollment (and cash flow) of four-year traditional institutions.

With research showing that 1 in 5 households faces student loan debt, can graduates of 4 year schools pay off their ever growing debt while earning entry-level salaries–providing they can find work at all?

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    By 7 P.S.T. I was out on my bike. That’s our 5th ride this month. Sadly, we’re going to lose a couple riding days over the weekend, but our goal for the month is only 12, so we should be able to hit that easy, if this dry weather holds up.

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