700 Miles: Road to Miami

January 2nd, 2013 at 9:19 am by under FOX10 Sports

700 Miles: Road to Miami

As my co-worker and I make our way through Florida, we can’t help to be very excited but a little anxious about the days ahead. We both know how important it is to deliver the goods… packages, pictures, natural sound, web-scripts, and don’t forget to blog!

We are making this trip, though, for the thousands of fans who would love to be right there in middle of it all. Our job is to show you what is happening and bring the National Championship experience to you from 700 miles away. What a privilege!

So from our hotel in Fort Lauderdale to South Beach, I will document as much as I can. We are on this trip together! Meet me every day on your TV set on FOX10 News, Facebook and Twitter.

Blogging from 1-75,



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