BCS in the “Magic City”

January 4th, 2013 at 9:38 am by under FOX10 Sports, Uncategorized

The drive down from Mobile to Miami certainly didn’t feel like 12 hours.
I guess it was all the excitement for the week ahead of us that made it to by faster.

We arrived in Ft Lauderdale the same day (Tuesday) and took in the sights for a few hours before heading to bed.
The next morning we began our tour of south Florida; grabbing beauty shots and interviews along the way.

I’ve spent most of my life in Miami. As a matter of fact my family still lives here.
I can honestly say the scenery, the lifestyle, the unique melting pot that is Miami really never gets old.
In situations like this you still feel like a tourist, trying to find that perfect shot.

No doubt there has been a large Notre Dame presence throughout Miami beach. Many fans said since they have so much further to travel than Alabama fans, they decided to make a whole vacation out of it.

Some have been experiencing the world-famous nightlife in South Beach. You can find dozens of different lounges and night clubs; from Spanish to techno; all within a few blocks.

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