Fighting for an interview

January 5th, 2013 at 11:40 am by under FOX10 Sports

The dreary morning turned bright and sunny once we reached Sun Life Stadium for Media Day.

It was our first opportunity this season to speak with freshmen T.J. Yeldon and Omari Cooper. Cooper was very confident today saying he expected to have a break out season this year and that’s why he came to Alabama.

Yeldon on the other hand was much more reserved stating “I’m not a talker,” but he did say he is happy about his season. He also gave a shout out to Daphne and thanked the Gulf Coast community for its support.

It was quite a circus moving between all the media and football players. The challenge is grabbing sound from a football player before another reporter jumps in and asks a question.

Off to the side The Coaches Trophy was displayed in front of the field where workers were putting the final touches on the BCS logo.

It’s starting to feel like game day in South Florida and were all getting excited!

Today we’ll attend the Discover fan experience and go to The Million Dollar Band pep rally, an experience I’m looking forward to being a veteran of the Alabama Colorguard.



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