Bama breaking records

January 7th, 2013 at 9:48 pm by under FOX10 Sports

It is now 35-0 in the BCS National Championship game at Sunlife stadium and the Bama fans are going crazy with excitement.

I have to admit the stadium is overwhelmingly pulling for Notre Dame while a small corner has been taken over by Alabama fans.

By the looks of things however, it makes it that much sweeter for Bama fans who are working to compete with double the amount of fighting Irish supporters.

Today has been a busy but fun-filled day in the magic city. We’ve seen tailgaters dressed in team-swag from head to toe; setting up at the stadium since 10am.

Stadium officials say 80,120 fans came out to tonight’s game; breaking several Sunlife stadium records.

That’s the best way to talk about this night; in terms of records.

By halftime Notre Dame had taken the record for biggest deficit by a number-one ranked team in the 1st quarter with 14-0 on the board.

The 28 point halftime deficit was tied for the second largest halftime deficit in BCS National Championship game history.

Many fans are already making plans to hit up South Beach to celebrate title number 15. Only time will tell.



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