BCS Blowout?

January 7th, 2013 at 9:52 pm by under FOX10 Sports

I was impressed by the Fighting Irish today. But it wasn’t on the field, it was in the parking lot.

Bag pipes were playing, green mohawks spiked to they sky, beer pong tables…oh they were ready to party. As the fans trickled into the stadium and took their seats, I think they were also taken by surprise. Lacy Cooper made a TD within the first 7-8 minutes of the game. Then another Alabama goal, then another.

Will this game live up to the hype? So far, it’s not. And I think the fans came here for more! Well, at least Notre Dame fans did.

To be continued.

Blogging during the 3rd quarter,



2 Responses to “BCS Blowout?”

  1. ROYCEEROYCE says:

    Bama is very good team all the way around

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