Zero Dark Thirty – Free Passes Today

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President Obama comes on the air to the American people and tells the U.S.public … and the world … that Osama bin Laden is Dead.  For either the better or the worse the world changed that day.   And ever since then many people have pondered … the way Seal Team Six went in and did their job … this could be the making of a good movie.  Well, Oscar Winning Director Kathryn Bigelow did just that.  The lady that brought you the award winning film The Hurt Locker brings you Zero Dark Thirty. 

This film has been getting many rave reviews and is up for 4 Golden Globes awards and is bound for Oscar recognition when the nominations are revealed at the end of January.  Now the film has also been criticized by certain groups for what the film represents and what it could reveal to be either true or fictitious … and maybe a security breach.  Anyhow, the film was made and everyone is raving over it.  It’s been out in Limited Release for a few weeks now and it opens nationwide This Friday, January 11th.  But, how would you like to see the movie for FREE.  The Face of CW 55 has you covered.

TODAY from 12 Noon to 2pm head to Furniture Fair in Mobile on Azalea Road and meet Dani Dials there.  She will give you, while they last, a FREE Movie Pass that will get TWO people in to see the film on Thursday, January 10th at Hollywood Stadium Theaters inMobile.  The Sneak Preview is at 7:30pm so … GET THERE EARLY!  Once the theater they will show the film is full no one else will able to get in.


Check Out This Trailer of the film at this link from IMDb …..


So after you read this blog …. Get Up! …… and head to Furniture Fair on Azalea Road.  See Dani Dials and she’ll give a FREE Movie Pass to go see one of the Most Talked About Movies of 2013 …. And we are just in the middle of January ….. That’s Hollywood For Ya!

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