Oscar Films on Blu-Ray & DVD – For Your Home Viewing Pleasure

March 22nd, 2013 at 1:17 pm by under The Movie Guru, Uncategorized

Hello Blog Readers & Fellow Movie Lovers.  This is Marcus Jackson, the FOX 10 / CW 55 Resident Movie Guru.

The Weekend Is Here!  Now I have to tell you that this weekend, mainly Saturday, we are in the path for maybe some Severe Weather.  Maybe after you go out and see the runners run The Azalea Trail Run in the morning; if you can’t do something outside and you don’t want to drive to the movies in the rain why don’t you consider spending at home with an Oscar Winning Movie.

The Academy Awards have come and gone – Seth MacFarlane did his damage and we all survived it.  Now is the time catch up on your movie watching.  If you didn’t see them on the big screen you are in luck because some of those Award Winning Films are now out on Blu-ray & DVD.

Today, for example, Les Miserables is out now.  So if you want to see why Anne Hathaway won for Best Supporting Actress you have a good opportunity to judge for yourself in the comforts of your own surround sound home entertainment system.  Some other movies that are out on Blu-Ray & DVD are Zero Dark Thirty, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Skyfall (Adele’s Oscar winning Best Song and Great 007 movie) and the movie that won for Best Picture of the Year, Argo.

So if you didn’t spend the $8 to $12 bucks to see these films on the Big Screen (me personally I mostly go to the cheaper matinee showing in the afternoon or our Free Movie Pass opportunities The Face of CW 55, Dani Dials, gives out at times – like Skyfall) now is your chance to purchase for your film library or just Netflex it onto your adaptable home console and enjoy these wonderful Oscar Winning Films.  Just Remember, you’re at home so you have to make and butter your own popcorn and get up and go to the kitchen to get your own refills;  But, You Can Always Hit The PAUSE Button.



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