Summer Movie Season 2013 – June – The 2nd Quarter

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Hello Blog Readers.  This is Marcus Jackson, the FOX 10 / CW 55 Resident Movie Guru here.

To paraphrase an old saying … “If the movie’s nice, go see it twice …”;  Well, I guess that would explain why Fast & Furious 6 was at the top of the Box Office once again for a second week in a row.  Only Iron Man 3 has done this earlier in May.  Also, some of you may have checked out my last blog entry because Now You See Me came in 2nd place.  Now that’s the power of Studio 10 for you.  The Jaden Smith / Will Smith “Father & Son” Sci-Fi Action flick After Earth came in 3rd place – which was a little bit disappointing with Will Smith’s track record of hitting No#1 at the box office during this particular movie season; when he is known as “Mr. Box Office”.

With all of these Summer Blockbusters coming to a theater near you there are two rules they all apply to;  1) Make Money at The Box Office … and 2) Make More Money The Following Week at The Box Office.  If a movie can make over a Billion dollars within the timeframe that it is in theaters, or at a plateau of $500 Million – the studio that fork out the Big Bucks to make the movie and pay the talent in front and behind the camera lens WILL WIN!

We are now in the month of June.  This is the 2nd month of the 2013 Summer Blockbuster Movie Season.  We are about to see the gauntlet be thrown down … especially in the realm of the Superhero Genre.  Basically it’s Iron vs. Steel, when Iron Man 3, now a month in theaters already, will a go up against Man of Steel – which could be the “savior” of the DC Comics Movie Universe.  I’ll get into the “Return of Superman” on the Big Screen in my next blog entry.  We have some other movies that will be coming out this month that are worthy of your consideration.

We have two comedies that are getting the funny bone a tingling – The Internship, Much Ado About Nothing, & This Is The End.  For a family outing, Disney has you covered with Monsters University, which is somewhat a “prequel” to the Big Hit Movie, Monsters, Inc.  And if you are looking for some Action we got The Purge, World War Z, and White House Down.  All three of these movies have been lighting up the “Buzz-o-meter” right now with stars like Ethan Hawke, Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, and Brad Pitt in the mix.  And Yes, Man of Steel!


That’s June for you in the world of the Summer Blockbuster Movies of 2013.  This is just the Second Quarter of this particular movie season but I think that on June 14th the “Halftime Show” will come a little sooner and it is going to be “SUPER” – but we’ll get into that on my next blog entry.

Keep checking out my Movie Guru Blog Entries in the coming weeks.  We got some Awesome movies coming out this Summer Movie Season.  By the way, you might have a chance to see some of these movies for FREE if they come along with Advance Screening Movie Passes.  If My Friend and Colleague, Dani Dials, The Face of CW, get any Free Movie Passes for Any Movie You Bet Your Last Drop Of Buttered Popcorn That I’ll Let You Know.

This is Marcus Jackson, The FOX 10 / CW 55 Resident Movie Guru.  Enjoy The Month Of June at The Movies & Get Ready ….  There Is MORE TO COME at a Box Office Near You.




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    This quarter of 2013 is really a promising time for good movies.

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