January 18th, 2014 at 2:44 pm by under FOX10 Stormtracker Weather

Cold Nights & Sunny Afternoons

Several, mostly dry cold fronts will push through our area this upcoming week. Those fronts will keep our area on the chilly side. Keep in mind our average temperatures at this time of year are 40 in the morning and 60 in the afternoon. For the most part we will stay below those numbers for the next several days and well below mid-week to later in the week.

First Front

The first front is a clipper-type system that will move through quickly early Sunday morning. This front will tap into a little Gulf moisture so it’s possible we may see a few isolated showers before dawn on Sunday morning. Gusty winds pick up behind the front for our Sunday, but even so the afternoon will be mild with tempos around 60.

Second Front

After a mild Monday (mid 60s the warmest day of the week) another quick, dry front will move through Monday night. This front will bring the coldest batch of air this week. As the cold air settles in Tuesday night our Wednesday morning temps will plummet well down into the 20s and the Wednesday highs won’t reach 50!

Third Front

The third cold front will come in on Thursday morning. This one will also be a dry front, but it will help keep our morning temps in the upper 20s Thursday and Friday morning.
In summary, it will be cold this week!

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