Tuesday Winter Storm Update

January 28th, 2014 at 5:26 am by under FOX10 Stormtracker Weather

Ice Accumaltion Through 6am Wednesday

Ice Accumaltion Through 6am Wednesday

Ice Accumaltion Thru 6am Weds[/caption]
Winter Storm Warning:
The winter storm we’ve been waiting on arrives today! When most people think of a winter storm pretty, fluffy snowflakes come to mind, but this system brings with it the very real threat of ice. A shallow layer of cold air at the surface is topped by warmer air in the upper levels of the atmosphere. That means precipitation will fall as rain and then freeze on impact at the surface. That’s freezing rain and it creates ice accumulations that cause serious issues for travel. The weight of the ice can also snap tree limbs and power lines.

Models predict widespread ice accumulations from 0.25”-0.50” which is very significant! Accumulations greater than 0.25” cause serious issues with freezing roads, especially bridges and overpasses. The icing will get worse as the day goes along and should be very serious after sunset.

The best advice is to just stay off the roads. If you have to be out, take it very slow and watch out for others losing control of their vehicles.


In the evening hours on the back edge of the precipitation the freezing rain and sleet will transition over to snow. Some inland areas should get 1”-2” and possibly more in spots. Along I-10 snowfall amount will likely total less than an inch. South of I-10 probably just a dusting at best.

Wednesday Still Wintry:

All the precipitation wraps up Wednesday morning as temps bottom out around 20 degrees. Some of the ice and snow will evaporate, but some could hang around on the ground through the morning and even into the afternoon with highs only reaching the mid 30s in many spots.

Thursday On:

After another chilly start in the 20s we will warm into the 50s by the afternoon on Thursday. That will melt whatever’s left and end any icy threats. By the weekend our highs will be close to 70 degrees!!

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