Icy Roads – Hard Freeze

January 29th, 2014 at 3:06 pm by under FOX10 Stormtracker Weather

x_niceville_fl_truck.jpgDangerous Roads Tonight

Temperatures have really struggled this afternoon, and most places will stay below freezing for our afternoon high. Clouds and strong north winds have kept temperatures down. We are seeing some temporary improvements on Gulf Coast roads where the filtered sunshine is heating up the dark road surfaces. There is a very high moisture content to the snow, sleet, and ice that is melting. Much of this liquid will refreeze tonight. This new layer of ice will be clear, making it very hard to detect. This is called “black ice.” It is nearly impossible to drive on.

Hard Freeze Tonight

After seeing a daytime high near 30 degrees this afternoon, temperatures will drop very rapidly after sunset. We will be back in the low 20’s by 9pm. Overnight lows will range from 12 degrees well inland, to near 19 along the coast. We expect a “Hard Freeze” tonight. It’s another night to protect the pipes from freezing.

Mild Thursday (and Beyond)

After a cold and icy start, roads will really improve by mid morning. Sun will warm us up into the mid 40’s by lunchtime. We expect a mild afternoon, with a high close to 50 degrees. Temperatures stay above freezing for the next 7 days. Rain is also a possibility for the weekend, especially Sunday.

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